Day 169 – Think Of IT

Incomparable Greatness

Think of it

– that grand form –

your body


forged within

the furnace of

distant galactic

star systems.

Every molecule

from untold

reaches of space

aged perfectly over

a millennia yet ever

renewed through

life’s procession

Think of it

– that great conductor –

your mind


birthing all of

life’s events

with a cognitive


Every synapse

coming not from you

but forged by you

contains the chasm

whole of time and

experience through

the soul’s procession

Think of it

– that sacred union –

a synthesis between

material and consciousness

forged through the

fires of space and

tempered through the

cognitional passage

of time. Every instant

a shift in the ever

changing state of

perpetual balance that

honors your sensuality,

born of the space-made

body, and your emotional

states, born of your

time-sense combine in

love’s divine procession.

Think of it

– that incomparable greatness –

laying in the center

of every single fiber

of your radiantly beautiful

being forged through

circumstance and set

free through choices.

Every action

warranted and thought

needs to be expressed

through intentional

devotions of a plaintive

sort, to sanctify all life

through living your

incomparable greatness


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  1. 1

    Well written and something we all should keep in mind!

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