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Day 186 – A Moment Of Singularity

Breath Work



– that moment

of singularity,

a conjunction

in space and

time – both

infinite, bounces

between the

external experiences

and the internal

source and that

moment eternal

is perpetually




– that constant

procession of

learning to open

your outer self

up to allow your

inner self to

reveal your hidden

truth, that truth

being made to

manifest your

honored destiny

to always lie

in the heart

of love



– that instant

spark that ignites

a path of new

possibilities, a path

of new lessons yet

to be learned,

a path of new

experiences and

experiences are

the crux of your


soul, so breathe

deeply in this

moment of austere

beauty and love.

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Day 185 – Presence

Bask In Love



are you


for, the

door is

open and

your place

has been

set. Come

bask in




Enter into

this world

where you

are the


total and

absolute –

your heart

bares the

love that

sustains all

life. You,

your being,

is the source

of all


so come and

let all who

live bask

within your



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Day 184 – Lessons

The Greatest Treasure In This Mighty World


Life has taught me

through experience

and enduring time

that through the

pain of seeking

for the desirous eye

and an avaricious

heart suffering and

loss will come to

pass, but it is

through such pain

of seeking that we,

we seekers of wild

delights, find the

greatest treasures

hidden in our feral hearts.


My eyes has shown me

through visions and

sights unknown

imparting a knowledge

to set a fire to the

tempted heart and to

feel the warmth of

a love shared with

life. Seeing her eyes

clearly for the first

time, my heart sees

that her eyes were

blue, blue like the last

touch of sunset at the

edge of the world and

my eyes have cried

the blessed tears of

love, a gratitude to

life eternal for showing

me that such beauty

does live in this mighty world


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Day 183 – Breath Work

Deep Breaths


Breathe deep

feel the pulsing


between thoughts

and emotions. Breath

deep and bask in

your sanctuary of

love – that citadel

of radiant peace.


Breathe deep

feel the security

of an opened soul

and an opening

heart. Breathe

deep and live

in the library of

your wisdom – that

permeating love.


Breathe deep

feel the internal

warmth of your

fiery love and


soul. Breathe

deep and abide

in the home

of your essence –

that blessed temple

of consciousness.

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Day 182 – Whirling Madness

The Angel of Love


The beholden

angel of sacred

visions bestows

upon the seekers,

those elegant few

who see beyond

their eyes, the

beauty of honored

sights and breathe

life into this blessed

world of risen life.

Their beauty shines

through the darkest

night, a void of

violent terror

and panic-stricken

strife, to shower

life’s path with

an abundance of love.


The beloved houri

of an abounding love

fills the cup of the

journeyers, those

mystic travelers

reveling in creation’s

beautiful sight, with

a whirling madness

intoxicating life

with a desire to live

fully in the present

to experience all

that love and life

have to offer in this

holy world of creation.

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Day 181 – A Candle for Hope

A Candle For Hope

Light this candle

hidden in

mourning rites

through the greiving

heart’s passive

reticence feigning:

when life grieves

through pains once sought

a time will come

from victories soon fought

Light this candle

visible through

the darkest night

a burning visage

of a lasting love

kindled chanting:

when life grieves

through pains forever fought

a time will come

from victories never sought

Light this candle

burning for all

to see, a searing

image of a burgeoning

peace singing:

when all life grieves

through pains once sought

a time will come

from victories soon fought

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Day 180 – Unknown Words

In A Language

She came

to me

from the forests

of Albion

whispering words

of wisdom

in a language

not quite


She came

to me

with hair

bathed in

golden sunlight

singing the song

of love in a


not of words

She came

to me

smelling of

wild flowers

and wet leaves

teaching the

faint tenets of

her natural

wisdom in

a language

yet unknown

She came

to me

walking with

ease in bare feet


the words of

love in a

language of

quiet grace

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