Day 173 – Have You Emerged

Gentle Greatness Spreading

Have you emerged

from the shelter

of your stifling

and suffocating

comfort that

cocoon embedded

within that complex

mind made for

the anxious soul.

Breathe into the

empty spaces

where they heart

reveals its wonders

Have you emerged

to this wild world

of light from your

old confines of

eternal darkness

Make yourself

known to this

world of flowering

virtue – this world

of endless beauty –

breathe into the

filled moments

where the heart



Have you emerged

from the calculating

solitude that only

the mind can afford

to bask in the fierce

grace held within a

fluttering heart – that

heart of love – to hear

the eternal music that

lies in the empty self.

Breathe into the

self-fulfilling prophecy

that births new love in

the heart’s gentle

greatness spreading


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