Day 176 – The Opener

What Lies Deep Within

Ya Fattah

the opener and revealer

of the heart’s true

passion, reveal

to life what

lies deep within

strike deep and reveal

what lies within

the seems of

our celestial soul

La elaha ill’ Allah

knowing that there

is no good except

for Love proves to

the mind, more than

the heart, that the

mighty majestic flows

through each beating

heart. Feel your blood

moving through you and

know that the entire

universe flows with the

same passionate love

through your being, and

seeks always to look out

onto itself through your

opened eyes.

Ya Fattah

The revealer, granter

of boons, give us this day

to live a full life in

ecstatic and bounteous

love. Come and merge

with life’s manifest creation

born of love. Let us two,

we two together, dance

with the budding passion

of a thousand suns. Reveal

to us the purest truth in

the love you’ve given

returns to you in the love

you’re given in these native

moments that roam this

beautiful world ever seeking

unguarded heart and expressive

acts of emboldened love


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