Day 184 – Lessons

The Greatest Treasure In This Mighty World


Life has taught me

through experience

and enduring time

that through the

pain of seeking

for the desirous eye

and an avaricious

heart suffering and

loss will come to

pass, but it is

through such pain

of seeking that we,

we seekers of wild

delights, find the

greatest treasures

hidden in our feral hearts.


My eyes has shown me

through visions and

sights unknown

imparting a knowledge

to set a fire to the

tempted heart and to

feel the warmth of

a love shared with

life. Seeing her eyes

clearly for the first

time, my heart sees

that her eyes were

blue, blue like the last

touch of sunset at the

edge of the world and

my eyes have cried

the blessed tears of

love, a gratitude to

life eternal for showing

me that such beauty

does live in this mighty world



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