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Day 196 – A New Hope

Hope’s Faith



is a fine feathered

friend that flies in

the face of conventional

wisdom to bring

us to our

inevitable truth.



is a divergent path

in the middle of

a lonely forest

where strange noises are

heard along with our

hard pumping heart.



is the prevailing

trade winds guiding

our hearts to one

another in the meekest

of causes, to intertwine

life in a web of love.



is the pull of our soul

into the empty chasm of

time waiting to be filled

by our experiences, waiting

to ink in the last pages

in that grand book of eternity.



is a fine fatih

for a guiding hand

in choices yet to be

made but desperately

sought out to give

guidance in love.

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Day 195 – Circumstance And Time

A Metaphor



– that greatest construct –

bends for no man

but will shape

all circumstance

of a particular life

or a substantial lie

but there are moments

in the ordinary life

where time melts

away and the ticking

clock seems to stop

where we come to see

that we are but two

stitches in time that

are woven together through

circumstance – coming

always the nearer, touching

side by side or one on top

of the other but never really

joining one another, each

affecting the other in

the most delicate ways

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Day 194 -To See And Feel



I can see

with eyes closed

life’s beauty and grand

opulence permeating

from the gentle

grace your actions

bestow upon this

wild world of life.


I can feel

with blind movements

love’s expressive and

graced magnitude flowing

from the absorbing

cosmic center that your

resting in this

wild world of love


I can see

with eyes closed

life and love fused

together in mutual

adoration and divinity

pulsating through space

so come bask with me – let us

be neighbors to the stars


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Day 193 – Seeking Answers

The Answers


I sought my answers from the outside

inwards and took notice of little but

my struggle and my pains, not seeing

the wonders all around me nor the

beautiful answers lying that surround

me and all life – hidden in plain sight –

Yea, I was blind then when I sought my

answers from the outside inwards

Refraining from the maddening echoes

pealing through the cavern between the

ears, I started to look inwards for the cause

of all the outside problems, and upon seeing

the cankerous source I breathed into each

and ever event that had it’s beginning

within my thunderous heart. Opening my

eyes and seeing the sun rays dance in the

grey morning dawn I glimpsed the answers

I had so eagerly sought outside of me dwelling

deep within my own being and feeling this I

learned to see beauty for the first time,

stretching from eternity to infinity, surrounding

all life within it’s bountiful grasp – just look within!

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Day 192 – Forever Forward

Ignite Your Love


Light the candle

dearly loved

light the candle

to illuminate

the path of love

you follow


Beware the traps

dearly loved

beware the snares

that will seek

to hold you still

in time


Feed the flames

dearly loved

stoke those flames

to warm the

body that houses

your soul


Forge onward

dearly loved

move forever

forward and

always alive to live

in love

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Day 191 – To Your Honor

Celebrate With Us


Come celebrate with

us, the companions

of life, for the world

– adorned with beauty –

dances to your honor.


Can you – with eyes

wide open – see that

this world, a world

crowned with truth,

abounds in love, the

sacred vehicle to a

burning salvation?


Come celebrate with

us, the guardians of a

sacred love, for the heart

– adorned with hope –

sings of your glory


Can you – with ears

alert – hear that

song, a sad song of love,

that lies on the whispering

winds which shall rend the

veil of tears that

hides all your laughter?


Come celebrate with

us, the journeyers of life’s

procession, for the world

– adorned with love –

breathes to your moments.


Can you – with your body

awake – feel that truth,

a sobering flight of

fancy, that shall set

your soul free, free to

ride the waves the waves

of cosmic creations



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Day 190 – Breathing Love

Find Your Place


Set your roots down

in this fleeting

moment of universal

time and infinite space.

Finding your place

in the grand processional.

Set down your roots

in the peaceful vibrations

that lies in the means

of your sacred heart.


Set your roots down

in the native moments

that roam this world over

ever seeking unguarded

hearts and expressive actions.

Finding your voice

in the song of life universal.

Set down your roots

in the wheel of justice

that lies in the grasp

or your discerning heart.


Set your roots down

in the pertinent moment

of a dynamic significance

and static importance that

expresses life’s fecundity.

Finding your purpose

in the exposition of an open heart.

Set down your roots

in the land of mystical sights

where the wandering sun

breathes out warm, radiant love



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Day 189 – Enter Into Me

Allow Love To Flow


Enter into me

and hold my pulsating

heart still for it is

a little unsteady

yet it is always…




and yet it is always

waiting to be filled

and filling the vessel

the heart is ready

to hold the pulsating love

entering into me


Enter my being

and see with the

eyes of the archer

taking steady aim

it is always…




yet it is always

taking steady aim

straight through the heart

to see with love

entering my being


Enter into me

and take with the hands

of infidels what should

have been given with ease

as it is always…




as it always is

for to receive

is an opening of the heart

that allows love to flow

entering into me

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Day 188 – Greetings

The Swelling Darkness


In the darkness

where fear and pain

reign supreme there

is told a secret

passage, a ship that

sails the sea of

hopeful dreams

– the fare isn’t

too steep, just a

word of magic

is requited – and to

my knowledge there

is only one word that

would fit the  transaction.


In the darkness

I heard whispers of

beauty where cruelty

was offered as aid. In

that miserly hour I

found my heart

and it’s whole truth

– Real beauty lies

in the spiritual accord

that we call love –

and that spiritual accord

can only begin

with the utterance

of a single word


In the darkness

where fear and loneliness

live, Nature summoned

up it’s courage and

proclaimed for every

heart to hear: I’m

the source of all

existence, Come bask

within my presence.

And hearing such

inspiring words I

opened up and spoke

life’s most magical word

a word that beings every

relationship – Hello


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Day 187 – Always Dance Along

The Wanderers


We wanderers

– ever seeking the

lonelier paths –

have learned lessons

hard sought through

presence and

mind fought with


or conspiracies:

that time is a

contagious ailment

that constricts our

mental movements

and progressing souls.


We wanderers

– begin no day where we

ended another day –

come to dance in life’s

pressing joy and

move in the comforting

wisdom of our eternal

void singing as we go:

I’m the source of

all existence so come

children of the fire,

as the flames of love

consume you complete,

come bask within

my infinite presence


We wanderers

– no sunrise finds us

where the sunset left us –

conjure magic with

our expanding hearts

and in the casting of

sentiments spread joyous

love abound with

unhindered acts of

spontaneous love with

the coming fruits of

soul discovery: for in

this discovery the

dew of little things

the heart finds it’s

morning and is refreshed

as it  dances along.

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