Day 187 – Always Dance Along

The Wanderers


We wanderers

– ever seeking the

lonelier paths –

have learned lessons

hard sought through

presence and

mind fought with


or conspiracies:

that time is a

contagious ailment

that constricts our

mental movements

and progressing souls.


We wanderers

– begin no day where we

ended another day –

come to dance in life’s

pressing joy and

move in the comforting

wisdom of our eternal

void singing as we go:

I’m the source of

all existence so come

children of the fire,

as the flames of love

consume you complete,

come bask within

my infinite presence


We wanderers

– no sunrise finds us

where the sunset left us –

conjure magic with

our expanding hearts

and in the casting of

sentiments spread joyous

love abound with

unhindered acts of

spontaneous love with

the coming fruits of

soul discovery: for in

this discovery the

dew of little things

the heart finds it’s

morning and is refreshed

as it  dances along.


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