Day 188 – Greetings

The Swelling Darkness


In the darkness

where fear and pain

reign supreme there

is told a secret

passage, a ship that

sails the sea of

hopeful dreams

– the fare isn’t

too steep, just a

word of magic

is requited – and to

my knowledge there

is only one word that

would fit the  transaction.


In the darkness

I heard whispers of

beauty where cruelty

was offered as aid. In

that miserly hour I

found my heart

and it’s whole truth

– Real beauty lies

in the spiritual accord

that we call love –

and that spiritual accord

can only begin

with the utterance

of a single word


In the darkness

where fear and loneliness

live, Nature summoned

up it’s courage and

proclaimed for every

heart to hear: I’m

the source of all

existence, Come bask

within my presence.

And hearing such

inspiring words I

opened up and spoke

life’s most magical word

a word that beings every

relationship – Hello



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