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Day 208 – In The Darkness

Love’s Battle Cry


In the darkness

the eyes saw me,

those unblinking stolid

eyes followed my every

movement, peering into

my motivations and

secretly guiding me

to my ultimate resolution

– that destination – where

the light of love went

out and fear took over

bearing the torch of

hatred seeking ever to

bask in the strength of

derisive division.


In the darkness

the eyes saw me,

those sordid and weary

eyes burned upon my soul,

worried at what I may

accomplish against their

desires; carrying within my

beating heart an inch of hope

I fumbled forward in the dark

guided by my soul’s thirst

and heart’s desire – to bask

eternally in sacred love, that

union of humanity’s hearts

and souls – to finally find

the source, that hidden light

forged by love but impeded by

experience and pain, and in

taking up this torch I found

that I would be love’s

battle cry through the dark.

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Day 207 – Choices

Talked About Choices


It has been remarked

that love knows no

bounds and cannot

hold one still, for a

heart that has been

awoken cannot be

laid back to rest. Once

awake the task comes

to a choice for life to

decide weather to

ignore and disregard

your pleading heart or

to invite that creative

love into your life and

manifest your fevered



It has been proved

through the mind’s

sciences that we live

in a world of waves,

those of sound, light,

gamma, delta, alpha,

beta, theta, magnetic,

and many others, we

live in a world composed

of waves, and as such

we are left to a choice,

our sacred decision or

mission – if we choose to

accept it – to be left adrift

among all these forces

acting upon our heart and

minds – to remain stagnant

to life, or to learn how to

utilize these waves to best

serve us, in essence learn

to swim in this ocean of

cosmic waves, or to surf

the creative cosmic waves

to fulfill our dancing fate.

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Day 206 – At All Times

Celebrate Love


In separate times

divorced of purpose

my soul preached

to me – silence –

quietly opening

up to the love

that was once lost

in translation.


In shared times

impregnated by zeal

my heart pondered

upon the ecstatic

greatness that holds

to the tenets of life

that quietly illuminate

the path towards love


In all life’s times

sorted by tempting

desires my soul called

out from under the roof

of your immaculate being

to paint yourself with

delicious movements and

celebrate gentle love

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Day 205 – Honor

Love And Breath


There is, in this wide

world, a tether that

binds you to all of

humanity, a binding that

draws you near to life,

a sacred chain that

connects you to your

thoughts, a rope that

unites you to yourself;

and that tether – always

baring the outer world

to the inner realms – is

named by your heart,

love. Honor this love.


There is, in this

infinite universe, a

tether that binds your

body to your soul, a

chain that connects you

to this galaxy, a binding

that unites you to this

realm of life, a rope that

bares your essence – your

relentless purpose towards

life – into the greater spaces

of this sacred world; and this

tether is named, by that air to

speak – breath. Honor this Breath.


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Day 204 – Enter The Void

The Darkest Night


I was left, stranded

at the edge of time

not a sight to see,

nor a sound to

be heard, and upon

that precipice being

torn apart whilst I

looked out into that

confounding darkness,

fear grew into a subtle

strength and I was left

with only the sentiment

of beauty, and through

the echo of eternity I

heard the glories of life

written by song and

grasped through laughter.


I was left standing

on the verge

of creation left with

only my heart. Looking

out across the

grand chasm, that

limitless void I found

the true message

of life, the unifying

factor found within

each feeling heart

and at that moment

I found that all I could

do was to sing and

dance this world

back into the realm

of life.


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Day 203 – Stop And Breathe

Breath Work


Stop. Breathe. Stop.

Take a breath into silence

and quiet those

maddening thoughts.

Breathe. Stop. Breathe.

Release any tensions

held within your

gripping muscles.

Stop. Breathe. Stop.

Let loose your

focused control

and gentle drift.

Breathe. Stop. Breathe.


Stop. Breathe. Stop.

Open your heart to

speak your truth, always

converse with your God.

Breathe. Stop. Breathe.

Listen to your soul,

allow it to guide you.

through with ease.

Stop. Breathe. Stop.

Hear with an open heart

that this world gave

forth a singular music.

Breathe. Stop. Breathe.

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Day 202 – Stories

To Be Alive


I know a past

– is it yours?

this tale of regrets

and suppressed

pain, a life’s journey

ever onward that

leads one up to this

very moment yet

always neglecting

the present events

for what is still yet

to come, a sense of

auspicious hope

for an uncertain future


I know a story

– is it mine?

this epic of grievance

and expressed rejection

of one’s own body

and mine heading

down this lonely lane

seeking out ever

more loneliness

and  constantly

remembering the

long sought out

and forlorn past

or reaching out to

grasp the unwanted

and attainable future


Can’t we, the ones

who  live, yes can’t

we arise into the

greatest grandeur of

this moment, and breathe

deeply in the knowledge

that our stories, all of

them, are just a memory

forgotten, to be left

in the past and restrain

ourselves from the

indelible temptation

to eager seek out, and

indeed attempt to reach

for the unknowable

events of our future

selves, to cease from

stretching from our past

into our future, and just

be alive for at least this

sacred moment


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Day 201 – In This Life

Heart Clothed In Kindness


In this life

what little we

are given comes

at a great exchange

a subtle change

of perception, a

gentle openning

of our eyes and

when we are sailing

the sea of hopeful

dreams we breath in

our newly found

knowledge that even

the stars keep company

with the radiant moon.


In this life

what greatness

we possess comes

through our

expressive acts and

imbue us in the

exhaustive dust

of pertinence.  As

we breath in, we –

the chosen people

of an accelerated heart –

we feel our ever

present heart, a heart

clothed in kindness,

expanding always alive.

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Day 200 – It Comes To This

A Fact And A Truth


It comes down to

this, a single fact

of momentous

import, a fact that

spreads as a plague

upon this beautiful

world. It opens the

door to a plethora of

mind-shifts that have

occurred because of

this dis-ease in life:






Yes, it comes down

to this, that the concept

of Time is contagious.


It comes down to

this, a single truth

of magnificent hope

that spreads as a balm

to the bloodied hearts

of this wondrous world.

It opens our eyes to

a world of unhinged

beauty where wonders

run rampant and clears

our mental paradigms

to show us the great

visions of austere grandeur:






Yes, it comes down

to this, that all Life

dances to love



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Day 199 – In A Hope

Blooming Love


Can you feel

your soul washing

up upon the distant

shore, that shore

of eternity, forever

lapping at the

fringes of strane

sights and bewildering

visions held within

your emotional heart?


Can you feel

your soul sailing

down upon the rifting

continuum of space,

those sacred waves of

infinity, eternally alive

and forever moving towards

a greater expression of

shared expressions uniting

life to the light of love?


Can you feel

your soul shining

through the plaintive

dreariness of monotony,

your sacred light that

wraps life and all things

in a delicate and equitable

shower that fosters growth

in the heart’s seed sown

in the hope that love will bloom?

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