Day 202 – Stories

To Be Alive


I know a past

– is it yours?

this tale of regrets

and suppressed

pain, a life’s journey

ever onward that

leads one up to this

very moment yet

always neglecting

the present events

for what is still yet

to come, a sense of

auspicious hope

for an uncertain future


I know a story

– is it mine?

this epic of grievance

and expressed rejection

of one’s own body

and mine heading

down this lonely lane

seeking out ever

more loneliness

and  constantly

remembering the

long sought out

and forlorn past

or reaching out to

grasp the unwanted

and attainable future


Can’t we, the ones

who  live, yes can’t

we arise into the

greatest grandeur of

this moment, and breathe

deeply in the knowledge

that our stories, all of

them, are just a memory

forgotten, to be left

in the past and restrain

ourselves from the

indelible temptation

to eager seek out, and

indeed attempt to reach

for the unknowable

events of our future

selves, to cease from

stretching from our past

into our future, and just

be alive for at least this

sacred moment



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