Day 207 – Choices

Talked About Choices


It has been remarked

that love knows no

bounds and cannot

hold one still, for a

heart that has been

awoken cannot be

laid back to rest. Once

awake the task comes

to a choice for life to

decide weather to

ignore and disregard

your pleading heart or

to invite that creative

love into your life and

manifest your fevered



It has been proved

through the mind’s

sciences that we live

in a world of waves,

those of sound, light,

gamma, delta, alpha,

beta, theta, magnetic,

and many others, we

live in a world composed

of waves, and as such

we are left to a choice,

our sacred decision or

mission – if we choose to

accept it – to be left adrift

among all these forces

acting upon our heart and

minds – to remain stagnant

to life, or to learn how to

utilize these waves to best

serve us, in essence learn

to swim in this ocean of

cosmic waves, or to surf

the creative cosmic waves

to fulfill our dancing fate.


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