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Day 221 -Deconstruction

Tear Down That Wall


The crying skies

tear down the walls

that I have built

with a fortified

strength, bearing

all the failures

I have gathered

unto those prying

eyes and a judging

world that finds

fault with all of life.

– The crying skies

tore down that wall

as I labored to rebuild it.



The crying skies

pour down their

tears to drown

out my cries of

fairness or the

right of  privilege

in an unbalanced

and otherwise unfair

world where the

wear or repressed

and the strong exalted.

– The crying skies

poured down their

malice and I begged for mercy.


The crying skies

push down the

walls separating

the two worlds within

us, the practical and

the mythical, striving

to for a unity within

and outside of our

temporal bodies made

up of earth and stars,

finding our true balance.

– The crying skies

were pushing down their

weight and I sought out why.


The crying skies

were pouring down

their tears upon me

to wash away all the

stray thoughts I

thought I once knew

for certain and in that

new found uncertainty

I found a growing occurrence,

a coincidental synchronicity

within my beating heart.

– The crying skies

were pouring down their

tears and I found their joy.

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Day 220 – Mountains And Valleys

Inward and Outward


In the valley

of the universe,

I found truth

resting in the

night river’s

room of sacred

dreams, wildly

holding to a

grasping emotion

where the heart

has painted the

skies below with

the colors of

dispare. In the

valley of the

universe I sought

out the strength

to be the sacred



On the mountain

of life’s spirit

I discovered a

series of moments,

the continuum of

choices, that each

life lived fully must

make and in the

mind of that great

madness, life comes

to choose according to

their altered state of

perception for in the

eye of the archer the

vantage point is given

to see the reflected

oceans above where

the heart paints the

with love. On the

mountain of life’s

spirit I sought out

the strength to be

the receptive valley.


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Day 219 – Perpetual Reciprocity

The Choice To Let Go


In this life

of perpetual

reciprocity – a

continuous game

of give and take –

we find that the

choices we make,

those intimate

decisions, come to

bare a great deal

of worth once the

tide of time or the

wave of circumstance

starts to  recede in

our mind and we find a

substantial value to

the position of our

lives is greatly improved

by having made those

innocuous choices – often

by letting go of having

to force a choice – by

simply breathing and

letting events unfold

before us. In this vital

world of improbable

wisdom most often the

best choice we can make

is in not making a

choice, but to find the

space within the moments

where the path of life

will reveal itself to you.

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Day 218 – The Light In The Dark

Lost In A Labyrinth


Here I am – stranded,

wandering through

the dark groaping

the unknown walls

of an elaborate yet

undefined dream-

scape slowly inching

forward into your

heart filled of fear,

always taking up my

heavy heart and  wearied

mind too fatigued to

want to go on, but

continue I do, for I

wish to see the light

that emanates at the

center of your heart’s

bewildering labyrinth.


Moment after moment,

I come back to myself

breathing through the

ceaseless questions of

why – what’s the point –

what is to gain – is all of

this struggle and pain

worth it, in the end – and

so I inhale greatly and slowly

exhale all those inane

questions and take another

step forward into your

burgeoning darkness;

allowing myself to get

completely lost within

your and your sacred love

so that when the time

of revealing comes, I can

find myself deep within

the folds of your heart.


Taking timid steps forward

as I proceed, I feel a slight

and swift breeze upon my

skin, a shuttering sigh in

morning’s wake inspires the

insipid breath that tempts the

heart to make and in finding

my breath move throughout

life I find my soul washing

upon the shores of eternity

forever lapping at the

fringes of strange sights

finally coming to stand

before the entrance – the

alter of your heart, finding

you were always there lighting

the  candle that called me

always forward towards love.

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Day 217 – Lessons From Time

Life’s Lessons Through Eternity


Through all

these years

I have finally

come to

learn a lesson

or two that

time has


to expound

upon me:

That there

exists a

subtle strength

and a dynamic

courage in our



that inspires a

growing gentleness

in this life.

Life has taken

a gentle hold

upon me and

spoke love into

my ear, urging

me to understand

the underlying

truth of this Earth:

That there is a

dynamic significance

and a static importance

in this petulant

moment expressing

fecundity throughout

the scope of life. So open

up your heart and see

what this life and your

time will be speaking

to you ever so sweetly,

it might just be

that you too are

worthy of love

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Day 217 – Love Is Found

In The Land Of The Djinn


It is there

within the

hearts of

wild men

and women

a like – a love

born from

the stars; it

is there but


for they, once

aware of it’s

presence and

affect upon their

lives – they cast

it high above

their peripheral

grasp; so that

they can love as

the ocean loves,

and flow as the

moon flows through

the night waves

of the astrological

ocean where myths

and legends live. A

love is born from

the stars, being cast

from the depths of

the hearts of wild

men and women.


It is there

within the land

of the djinn

where mystics

rise to watch the

greatest vagrant

there ever was, that

wandering sun,

inhaling great

droughts of God’s

radiant love – being

present in my most

prescient moment,

that I bore witness to

life’s greatest

treasure, a moment

of spontaneous love

soon to pass yet

held within your

glancing smile wiping

that rosy dust off

of your blushing

cheek with the

glistening stars in

your eyes. It was there

in the land of the

djinn, while inhaling

droughts of God’s

radiant love where

I found you – the mystic

held in my heart.

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Day 216 – Wake Up To Love

A New Day Begins


This evening has

come setting this day’s

chilling rays of timid

light across the greying

skies of a melancholic

mind bent within the

visions of nostalgia.

It has brought the

stark sharpness of

indifference and

the cold bitterness

of languidness; so wrap

yourselves up in

your cocoon of indulgent

warmth tonight and sleep

while the mighty winds

of change howl.



The morning has

come bringing

with it the swift

winds of a changing

season, the hard

iciness and rigid

snows from yesterday’s

memories are starting

to thaw into the

warming Earth’s fertile

dreams. The wonderland of

ice and snow has begun

to melt the heart’s

that would seek to love

you anew. It is time

to wake up so, arise

from  your self-made

cocoon of warming

security and wake up to

the wonderment of life.


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Day 215 – The Night Sky

To Look Out


It is wise

– looking out

at those darkening

skies where space

seems to shine

with little

jewels of light.


It is wiser still

– Feel the scope

of this grand

universe within

your beautiful

heart beating the

pulse of creation.


It is wise

– to wonder

in amazement

as the sparkling

flashes of light

pass by in arcs

of fantastic spasms.


It is wiser still

– To breathe this


universe of love

into your soul and

to create an ocean of

celestial vibrations.


It is wise

– to look out

into our great

universe and to

feel those creative

blessings to flow

through your being.

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Day 214 – Under The Stars

The Desired Fates


Many thoughts

come descending

upon my slaked mind,

weary of all it’s comings

and goings towards you:


It is of you

– you who can read

the stars plainly –

that this life can

be lived with our fated

gratitude and generous

grace towards your

vapid, wishful beauty.


It is for you

– you who can see

through the veil of desire –

that my promptings for

this world, this life, this

pressed moment of love

always end for naught

but for the expression itself.


It is to you

– you who fails to read

the plain verse of my heart –

that I wake up each day

with a cause to smile – for

I see what the world knows,

and have opened my heart

to breath in your honored beauty.


Many thoughts

come cascading upon

my hopeful mind, as we

bask under the moon and

stars, we two together.

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Day 213 – 6 Powers Of The Heart

As With Life


Within you

as within me

a treasure lies

beneath the sea

the magnetic pulling

of your personality

calls to a power

your heart does see


Inside you

as well as me

there lies a worth

greater than gold to be

a force of promise

showing a positivity

that allows love

to shine free


Within you

as within me

there lies a cave of

forgotten dreams to see

teaching the tenets of

love from your magnetic tree

of self esteem and you

positive self to be


Inside you

as well as me

there lies a grand

treasure for all to see

To open your heart and

find god within with glee

each of use should ask for

the divine presence to be


Within you

as within me

there lies an opulent

hope for life to happily be

moving between the realms

of space and time to see

and coming to recite

love and dance frantically


Inside you

as well as me

a treasure lies

beneath the sea

to act with permission

and always give to me

your hand and heart

with guidance to be:

as a person of light – loved




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