Day 209 – On This Day

Worthy To Dance


On this day,

a day merely

worthy of stray

ideals and virant

thoughts, you made

a grand decision.

A decision that leads

one down the sacred

path others will

talk about and on

that day you – a

sacred embodiment

of life eternal -will

open your eyes

anew  and see with a

bright new perspective

that your life is

the stuff of legends.


On this day

– a day built upon

love – something

will occur, a grand

event will come,

transpiring with

your sacred heart,

that will set your

heart – woven by

circumstance with the

painful thread of time –

on fire with the  ebbing

flames of complete

acceptance – holding

not a tangible thought

nor a glancing action

and on that day –  a day

of reckoning – you will

come to see that you

are worthy of love,

worthy to dance that

great dance too.


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