Day 214 – Under The Stars

The Desired Fates


Many thoughts

come descending

upon my slaked mind,

weary of all it’s comings

and goings towards you:


It is of you

– you who can read

the stars plainly –

that this life can

be lived with our fated

gratitude and generous

grace towards your

vapid, wishful beauty.


It is for you

– you who can see

through the veil of desire –

that my promptings for

this world, this life, this

pressed moment of love

always end for naught

but for the expression itself.


It is to you

– you who fails to read

the plain verse of my heart –

that I wake up each day

with a cause to smile – for

I see what the world knows,

and have opened my heart

to breath in your honored beauty.


Many thoughts

come cascading upon

my hopeful mind, as we

bask under the moon and

stars, we two together.


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