Day 216 – Wake Up To Love

A New Day Begins


This evening has

come setting this day’s

chilling rays of timid

light across the greying

skies of a melancholic

mind bent within the

visions of nostalgia.

It has brought the

stark sharpness of

indifference and

the cold bitterness

of languidness; so wrap

yourselves up in

your cocoon of indulgent

warmth tonight and sleep

while the mighty winds

of change howl.



The morning has

come bringing

with it the swift

winds of a changing

season, the hard

iciness and rigid

snows from yesterday’s

memories are starting

to thaw into the

warming Earth’s fertile

dreams. The wonderland of

ice and snow has begun

to melt the heart’s

that would seek to love

you anew. It is time

to wake up so, arise

from  your self-made

cocoon of warming

security and wake up to

the wonderment of life.



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