Day 221 -Deconstruction

Tear Down That Wall


The crying skies

tear down the walls

that I have built

with a fortified

strength, bearing

all the failures

I have gathered

unto those prying

eyes and a judging

world that finds

fault with all of life.

– The crying skies

tore down that wall

as I labored to rebuild it.



The crying skies

pour down their

tears to drown

out my cries of

fairness or the

right of  privilege

in an unbalanced

and otherwise unfair

world where the

wear or repressed

and the strong exalted.

– The crying skies

poured down their

malice and I begged for mercy.


The crying skies

push down the

walls separating

the two worlds within

us, the practical and

the mythical, striving

to for a unity within

and outside of our

temporal bodies made

up of earth and stars,

finding our true balance.

– The crying skies

were pushing down their

weight and I sought out why.


The crying skies

were pouring down

their tears upon me

to wash away all the

stray thoughts I

thought I once knew

for certain and in that

new found uncertainty

I found a growing occurrence,

a coincidental synchronicity

within my beating heart.

– The crying skies

were pouring down their

tears and I found their joy.


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