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Day 227 – The Clarion Bells Ring

Within my Soul


In the depths of the

darkest hour – when

all seems to be

nearing oblivion –

a harrowing thought

brings forth my

inch of hope – a

saving grace – that

brings to me a light

lifting the burden

from my hardened

and heavy shoulders.


In the murkiness

of my soul – where

still waters run deep –

all seems to be engulfed

by a stagnant darkness

strangling out any

salvation for this, my

burgeoning soul, seeking

solace in the light, a light

that starts to shine forth

from the impenetrable folds

of the abysmal darkness.


In the depths of this,

the darkest hours – when

all seems to be lost – a

glimmer of hope bares

new light, echoing the

last sentiment of water –

dance always with the rocks,

never cease from flowing

towards the greater source –

Be like the water to find

your manifest destiny: visible love within a soul.

    I found my light within you



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Day 226 – Morning Tea

Warm Tea and A Rising Sun


The heart is

the path from

the creator to

his work, so says

the Magi drinking

his tea early in

the morning.

Accompanied by

a Yogi, a Poet, and

a Warrior – each with

their due respect.


Each sipping on

their morning tea

– watching the

rising sun make its

way across the

enlightened sky –

silently keeping

their thoughts

to themselves.


The Warrior,

eager for battle,

– a chance to prove

his valor – echos

the sentiments of

his growing tribe;

today is a good if

not a great day

to die for a cause.


The Yogi,

breathing in

the joy of life

– each breath

giving him more

pleasure – yearns

to stretch his life

out from day of

his birth to the last

of his moving breath;

sits growing wise

with intention to say

that today is a good

day, if not a great day

to truly live.


The Poet,

silently cherishing

his cup of morning

tea – finding happiness

in the sense projections

of his pleasure-filled

cup, silently nods to

the truth of his own

heart; that today is

a good day, if not a great

day to fully love.


And the four of them,

the Poet, the Yogi,

the Warrior, and the Magi

sat in the morning light

drinking their tea

when the Magi got up and

said, our hearts are the

path from the creator

to our works in this

grand, whole life.

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Day 225 – Dance Your Soul

The Edge Of Love Eternal


Take her hand

– your heart longs

for your contact –

take her hand

in yours and

dance wildly,

dance wildly to

the edge of love.


Breathe deeply

– breathing life into

each long lived day –

breathe deeply and

allow every single

day to be a big deal

in this life, for then

happiness will.

surely follow.


Touch her softly

– caressing life with

your gentle hand –

touch her softly and

see that your faith

grows as you dance

the truth that grace

is beauty in motion.


Kiss her roughly

– nurture your soul

with spontaneous love –

kiss her roughly and

allow her greatness to

anoint you with the

Earth’s fragrances and

breathe life into your heart.


Let her go

– free your love from

the confines of your assumptions –

Let her go and

allow your love to bloom wherever

the seeds are drawn to be sown,

force not your limitations on

an otherwise limitless love.


Take her hand.

– your heart longs

for your contact –

take her hand

in your encompassing

grasp and dance

dance wildly to the

edge of love eternal.

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Day 224 – And The World Starts

A Voice In Sublimity


As the world starts

to wake and finds

its voice in sublimity,

the heart exposed

begins to shine

as the power of

a thousand suns to

give a warming guidance

of an unrestrained

comfort that eases the

tempted mind into

a state of ubiquity.

It is in those sanguine

moments that the heart

is allowed space to paint the

sky with an unheralded love.


Finding peace in

the shifting winds

of a cluttered mind

distills the passions

of precipitous thoughts,

and once our thoughts

have passed us by, it is

realized that what is true

has been seen by those

only who can see truth.  And

to look within towards

the sacred breath, the heart

brings life back to the

body and passion back to the

artist, for the heart is the

path from creator to his work.


As the world outside begins

to wake, so the world inside

for the external world is just

a mere adornment – a lacking

imitation of the beauty imprisoned

within your heart (a beauty needing

to be freed if you could release your

claim of it) – of the soul eternal

so take the nourishment that

your spirit must need to

glow;  take that love that

you are so scared to give and

allow yourself to heart that

this world gives forth a

singular music composed

by a love engraved by your light.





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Day 223 – I too, Sing

As the Mounting Sun Rises


When the passing

of the sun has come

and the moon arrives

to join in the cosmic

fun and in the space

after the day has

departed and the

night has yet to arrive

A shift starts to occur,

a gentle unraveling

that opens up the heart

and allows love to  flow

freely from one heart to

another gentle heart and

in that space each of us

finds a grain of wisdom

and in the joy of growing

wisdom you will find that

I too sing Yah Fatah.


When the ebbing moon

starts to wan at the

approaching dawn, as the

moon descends and the

rising sun glistens with

the dew there exists a

moment, an instance of

divine celebration where

the heart and the soul

merge into one being of

cosmic love where beauty

cannot be seen, but is lived

completely, in that sacred

moment in space beauty

becomes more than a visage,

more than an ideal – it

becomes life itself and when

I find myself in that beauty,

I come to see that I am the

source of all existence

inviting all to come bask

in my presence as I –

I too, dance to love.


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Day 222 – Leisure Time

In All The Free Time


If you have the

good fortune and

grand leisure to

spends so much

time in your head,

don’t you think

time could be

spent better if –

just for a moment –

you let yourself

be completely undone,

a dismantling of

the stronghold

of our thoughts

and a freeing of

our soul eternal.


If you have the

god’s fortune and

the great leisure to

spend so much

time in your head,

shouldn’t you take

a few breaths that

releases your hold

onto those ethereal

concepts that cannot

ever be touched – just

let them go – and feel

yourself deeply rooted

within your self, and

in those few moments

where the breath

expands our heart’s scope

this life presents us

with reunions of a sort,

it lights the way that

brings us back to our

soul’s home with love.


If you have the

good fortune and

god’s leisure then

you can find the time

to just breath and

feel that breath elevate

your soul to such great

heights, and with each

breath passing with

mindful intent humanity

is nurtured in the lap

of love and our thoughts –

being bigger and more

grand than you could

have  imagined – wells up

from the universal mind that

always takes the time to

completely unwind

and let those weak

thoughts fall away so that

the heart can fully shine forth

it’s beholden and holy light.


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