Day 224 – And The World Starts

A Voice In Sublimity


As the world starts

to wake and finds

its voice in sublimity,

the heart exposed

begins to shine

as the power of

a thousand suns to

give a warming guidance

of an unrestrained

comfort that eases the

tempted mind into

a state of ubiquity.

It is in those sanguine

moments that the heart

is allowed space to paint the

sky with an unheralded love.


Finding peace in

the shifting winds

of a cluttered mind

distills the passions

of precipitous thoughts,

and once our thoughts

have passed us by, it is

realized that what is true

has been seen by those

only who can see truth.  And

to look within towards

the sacred breath, the heart

brings life back to the

body and passion back to the

artist, for the heart is the

path from creator to his work.


As the world outside begins

to wake, so the world inside

for the external world is just

a mere adornment – a lacking

imitation of the beauty imprisoned

within your heart (a beauty needing

to be freed if you could release your

claim of it) – of the soul eternal

so take the nourishment that

your spirit must need to

glow;  take that love that

you are so scared to give and

allow yourself to heart that

this world gives forth a

singular music composed

by a love engraved by your light.






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