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Day 233 – Songs

Have You Heard It?


The song of Nature,

have you heard it?

consists of attentive

participation; with

your steady breath,

sweetly humming

along, or a dance

filled by contentment’s

grace. Yes, the Song

of Nature demands

participation through

active listening.


The Song of your Heart,

have you heard it?

consists of daily

withdrawing; a listening

within to your steady

breath, the sweet drumming

of your  sacred heartbeat,

and the gentle dancing of

blood flowing through

your body. Yes, the Song

of Your Heart requires

a quiet mind to be

fully appreciated.


The Song of Life,

have you heart it?

consists of a duel

melody and a divergent

harmony; a deep listening

from within to that which

permeates the sacred air,

a sweet rhythms of your

vulnerable heart syncing

to the wilderness Nature’s

surroundings, and a graceful

dancing where the rising

emotions paint the sky

above with love. Yes, The

Song of Life needs to be

felt through joyous love.


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Day 232 – I, too, Am Worthy

Old Paths And New


It was upon

those old paths,

dusty with experience,

where we found

the idea of who

we are in the

places we have

been to, the

events we took

part in, the

certificates we

got that tell us

what we do is

who we are.


It was upon

those old paths,

well worn with

tired steps,

where we decided

to fulfill societies

quota of comfort;

keeping in the

rhythm of a

communal farce

and never once

learning to dance

our own fantastic

dance in the light.


And now life comes

to a new path

wild and free to

grow in this glowing

space where ecstasy

breathes in this exuberant

moment; joy lives in

this wondrous world;

beauty lies within

this sacred body, and

love grows through

this ever-expanding

heart; forever bowing

before the world to say:

That I too am worthy.


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Day 231 – What Have You To Say

Questions And Answer


What have you to say

– my oceanic lover –

what –

when you find

have –

that life strands you

you –

away from your home

to –

surrounded by giants

say –

in the land of trees.

What have you to say?


What have you to say

– my mountain goddess –

what –

when you find

have –

yourself, solid of earth,

you –

become unbalanced

to –

transforming from life

say –

to life in unknown ways.

What have you to say?


What have you to say

– my ethereal lover –

what –

when you are too heavy

have –

with the dross of time

you –

and the plague of experiences

to –

to feel the lightness to root

say –

leaving your sacred heart

What have you to say?


What have you to say

– my fire goddess –

what –

when your light starts

have –

to dwindle, being extinguished

you –

from maligned plans

to –

and a troubled heart

say –

for your souls becomes reactive.

What have you to say?


What have you to say

– my cosmic lover –

what –

when circumstance sends

have –

your heart and soul through

you –

a gauntlet of suffering

to –

so slowly you can’t see


or comprehend the divine purpose.

What have you to say?


* And the lover answers *


I –

who am always on

Am –

the cusp of life and death

Love –

continually give that which I receive.


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Day 230 -Our Visage

The Mirror


Look into the mirror

Can you see it?

That freedom there

is your freedom.

That that veiled visage

reflected in this polished

silver is just a more

intact illusion starting

to dissolve away. Look

deeper into that image.

Do you see it?

Pouring in from

the cracks hidden in

the wrinkles of this

everyday mask.

That that burning

sun radiating forth

from its rended covering

is striving to emerge.

Can you see it?

That beauty there

is your beauty.

That its light is you.

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Day 229 – Love Made Manifest

The Heart Abides


The heart is a

lonely path

that each creator

– each shaping the

tides of a swelling

ocean of creation –

must walk down to

find his own creative

works – his visible

love made manifest.


The heart is a

grand procession

– each lingering

person being a languid

drop forming this ocean –

that moves in celebration

to the rhythms of authentic

spontaneity – a coincidental

synchronicity born from

the love of creations to come.


The heart is a

seductive saunter

– each person, each drop

whole and complete within

itself to express love’s intent –

which calls to the chosen

people of an accelerated love

to open their eyes to see

and their hearts to arrive,

arrive, always arriving to love.


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Day 228 – Wonderment Of Life

Put Me In Experiences


Bring me to the

dessert so that I

may experience the

fruits of serene

quietness, so that

I may allow the

searing winds to

chisel away the way-

ward tendencies of

active thought. Yes,

put me in the dessert

and I will gather with

open palms the drops

liquid sun at evening tide.


Bring me to the

mountain top so that

I may gain the sight

of majestic, vaulted

thoughts; so that I

may allow the purifying

snowfields to wash

away the dross and

banal constructed

histories that I deceive

myself with from one

moment to another. Yes

put me on a mountain

top so that I may wake

to the wonder of life.


Bring me to

humanity, so that I

may know the vast

fruits of a whole and

unified society; so that

I may taste the vitality of a

resolute love for all that live

on this planet – broadening

the scope of existence’s

breath to expand emphatic

love. Yes,put me in humanity

so that I may arouse the

sympathies of an ever-

expanding love.

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Day 228 – Existence

Life’s Meaning


Life comes to this

– a single chance –

the moment to breathe,

filling and feeling

the lungs with ripe

and pregnant air where

life can truthfully see

that ecstasy breathes

in this moment.


Life comes to this

– a momentous occasion –

the everyday occurrance

putting one foot in front

of the other, feeling Earth

lifting you up to come

to truthfully find that

joy faithfully lives

in this world.


Life comes to this

– a colossal¬† choice –

the decision to be

viewed with a

broadened scope of

the artist’s eye and

sense truthfully

that beauty lives

in this body.


Life comes to this

– a saving grace –

a deep breath felt

throughout the body

and rejuvenates the

soul that allows us to

finally touch truthfully

upon a love that lives

in this heart.


Life comes to this

– at the end of all things –

a new beginning from

which to jump into

life full heartedly that

the essential point

is that each of us, every

single one, is spirit

experiencing existence.

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