Day 233 – Songs

Have You Heard It?


The song of Nature,

have you heard it?

consists of attentive

participation; with

your steady breath,

sweetly humming

along, or a dance

filled by contentment’s

grace. Yes, the Song

of Nature demands

participation through

active listening.


The Song of your Heart,

have you heard it?

consists of daily

withdrawing; a listening

within to your steady

breath, the sweet drumming

of your  sacred heartbeat,

and the gentle dancing of

blood flowing through

your body. Yes, the Song

of Your Heart requires

a quiet mind to be

fully appreciated.


The Song of Life,

have you heart it?

consists of a duel

melody and a divergent

harmony; a deep listening

from within to that which

permeates the sacred air,

a sweet rhythms of your

vulnerable heart syncing

to the wilderness Nature’s

surroundings, and a graceful

dancing where the rising

emotions paint the sky

above with love. Yes, The

Song of Life needs to be

felt through joyous love.



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