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Day 255 – To Be Undone

Come To Love


Come. Let your innate self be

completely undone. Wake up to the

intricate wonders this life offers you

each and every morning. Come.

Let your bountiful self go. It is only

when you have broken the God

extolled through Traditions. and left

the God found in Rhetoric that the

Universe will put the fire of God’s

love within our sacred hearts.


Come. Let your sacred self be

utterly revealed. Walk among

the procession that starts at

your door. Come. Let your beautiful

self go. It is only when you close

your eyes that you learn that

you can see things more real with

your heart. Take this cup and fill

it to it’s brim. Let it overflow. Take

your heart and do the same.


Come. Let your heart be deliciously

bare. Take the time to cut all the

ties that you have used to bind up

your celestial heart. Come. Let your

expansive spirit flow. Release all that

restricts your Nature. Paint this world

with your true colors. Bare your heart.

Bare your soul. And then Breathe. Come.

Let your odious thoughts go. Bask within

the source of all existence. Bask in Love.


Come. Let your innate self be

completely undone. Wake up and dance

to the rhythms of your wounded heart.

Mind not the thoughts and explanations.

A reason is merely a veiled excuse masked

by a faltering intent. Come. Let loose your

heart. No time will come that is right. Nor

will time come that is wrong. Time is Time.

Time is contagious. What are you waiting

for? It is time to Come. Let Go. And Love.


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Day 254 – On This Day

The Universe Speaks


On this day

born of grace

the universe

reminds us to

smile for its beauty

surrounds all life

– it permeates life

through love and

gratitude – spreading

with each passing

gracious act of

surrender to beauty’s

sacred strength.


On this day

risen with love

the universe

reminds us to

laugh for its

glory creates

us too, awakening

life to star particles

and taking the long

and slow path of

evolution to

culture love in

the hearts of life.


On this day

full of love

the universe

reminds us to

breathe – to fill

not only the body

but the lungs

with the nurturing,

life  giving and

extending presence –

into the sacred space

where our souls

grow with love.


On this day

born of grace

the universe

reminds us to

love one another

wholly and completely –

letting our hearts

sing  out in equitable

tones matching

harmony’s gracious

sacredness – and to

breathe in the love

that surrounds us always.

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Day 253 – I Come As You Go

Comings And Goings


I come, always

marching through

the soul’s procession,

holding my heart

to the purifying sun.

Watching and waiting

with each breath to

feel the healing rays

burn away the pains,

for in the dew of little

things all hearts find

their morning and are

refreshed. Waiting and

watching with the passing

clouds I come, always

marching through the

soul’s procession.


You go, always

marching in the

soul’s procession,

radiating forth your

holy light for all the

world to behold. Waking

with each step to a new

and sacred truth of your

benevolent soul. Seeking

and finding a hidden truth

in the  visible world, that

there is a magic that merges

two aimless beings as they

discover their meaning

of life eternal. Finding

and seeking you go,

always marching in the

soul’s procession.

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Day 252 – The Ode To You

Be Embraced By Love


You –

who sees through

the veil of pain

and tragedies of life

and glimpse the

vast view of beauty’s

bountiful landscape –

light the candle that

burns ever in the dark

tempting a curious

discovery of my eternal

and infinite self.


You –

who has torn of

the rags of egoism

and swaddled yourself

in the alluring comfort

of love – have traversed

the vastness of man’s

heart to learn the true

nature of humanity’s

sacred destiny and would

impart the same unto

my still healing heart.


You –

who walks to feel

the dirt of a new

country with graced

steps bare, digging deep

into the great Mother

herself to find a wold

purified by your sacred

presence – lure me out

to play among the wild

grasses and be totally

embraced by love.



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Day 251 – Celestial Garden

The Garden Sings


The celestial garden

awakens each and every

night to sing in glorious

colors the honor of you.

– the rose colored sky

speaks longingly of

your lingering grace –

Forever tempting me

to venture forth into

the unknown to seek

out that beauty which

has the roses blush

with a burning envy; or

bequiets the laughing

hydrangea forever of is

scented melodies by the

mere presents of a greater,

more divine fragrance – that

of your soul which nurtures

this feral world of humanity –

Forever finding that nothing is

as powerful as your beauty in

this wildly wicked world, so

I seek you out, you to whom

the Celestial Garden awakens

each and every night to sing

in glorious colors their honor

and their pleasure in witnessing

the totality of your embracing


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Day 250 – Fill The Cup

Fill Your Cup, Fill Your Heart


Take this life, the time you

are given, to fill the cup

empty of liquid love.

Take this life to fill the

cup of your eternal heart.


Take this life, this moment

you are given, to fulfill

the egoistic impositions

your mind has placed on

your time here, in this

world filled with infinite love.


Give this life, the time you

are given, to fill the cup

flooding over with joy.

Give this life to fill the

cup of your endless heart.


Give this life, this moment

you are given, to drain out

the egoistic manipulations

your mind has placed upon

your time here; in this

world filled with wondrous love.

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Day 249 – Blessings Grow Forth

To Blessed Eternity


You, who give forth

a singular music through

love, are worthy of

this day to breathe

in the beauty that

you so freely give out

to others as you pass

them by. You sing

through your heart a

song only the heart can

hear; always singing:

You live, You live in

blessed eternity.


I, who long for

the a reaching hand

to hold my heart, dance

to the rhythms of this

sanctified world, breathing

in the fragrance that

Nature has faithfully

made, swooning deeply

from her passionate

throws eager to dance

and always singing:

I live, I live in

blessed eternity.


We, who are

engraved by the

light and molded by

time eternal, seek each

other out on different

routes, seemingly

undefined yet soft

to the touch; becoming

initiated by the heart

beat of love we enter

into life always singing

We live, We live in

blessed eternity.


They, who express life

better than any and all

words that may be

written, hold onto me

as I hold to them; finding

life’s truth through the

simplicity they live by.

They open their eyes

daily to see a new sun

shine brightly to celebrate

as they dance and sing:

They live, They live in

blessed eternity.


Life, the fountain

source of love’s cosmic

form, settles and stirs

up the emotional body

through chaotic

experiences to purify

the mind and heart of

those who live faithfully

within the chorus of

Nature’s sacred song

adding new verses always:

Life lives, Life lives in

blessed eternity.

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