Day 238 – Of Life And Love

Perfected Unity In Life And Love


Life –

life is not life

that is not a

moment of

singularity between

the external and

the internal


occurring in

perfected unity.


Love –

love is not love

that does not love

the details of

the beloved, for

which all affection

is made to manifest

a mutual treasure

shared in equanimity

within both souls.


Life –

life is always life

that gives forth a

dynamic significance

and a static importance

tending always towards

a portent moment

in hopes of expressing

a fecundity throughout

this blessed world.


Love –

love is always love

that shines forth

love’s holy light;

emanating from

within a world of

sacred wisdom and

allows the lover to

feel the totality of the

universeĀ  in the beloved.




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