Day 242 – Finding Union In You

Solace and Union


Alone at night, always alone,

I find my solace being swaddled by

incense smoke singing and

chanting in foreign languages.

Enjoying the pleasing clarity of mind;

when my vision starts to dim and

my mind starts to pierce the veil of

life; enabling me to see through the

pains and tragedies of a life lived, to

see the penultimate truth  of this life.

That beauty abounds in love,  and then

I found you, the grace and beauty of my

own heart. I found your image smiling from

within my very being, stepping out  of myself

so that I may step fully into  you as you step out

of yourself to fulling step into me, we join

in a sacred union of divine light to live in the

dawning of a  day new and bright.



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