Day 243 – As The Ocean Laughs

The Temporal Ire


On a night filled with temporal ire

and the rain was beating upon the panes

of my wind-swept soul, I found a

singular image impeding upon my mind,

an image of chaotic revelations. Looking

out at the drops, as they slid down

the window I saw myself transported to

a realm wholly unknown to myself. There

I was, standing before the great entrance

of my heart’s labyrinth. I, hearing frantic

sounds behind me shifting their intentions,

start to quicken my pace, not noticing the

path, nor its trajectory. I become lost within

the darkening territories of my heart. When,

out of no where you turn the corner, your soul’s

light shining forth from your wondrous heart.

Always shining forth from the impenetrable

folds of my darkness. You, with your practiced

step and gracious patience, take my hand

and we slowly, meticulously find our way

through the labyrinth; exiting upon a chilled

beach. As we watch the waves sedulously

wash up upon the shores of eternity,

lapping at the fringes of strange thoughts, and

I thought I heard the ocean laugh with love.



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