Day 244 – I Awaken Now

I Heard Morning’s Call


I awaken now,

I – filled with the

haughty breath of

the universe – awaken

to witness to sublime

rising of the sun in your

heart. Seeing for the

very first time, the love

radiating from your sleep

ridden eyes as I feel

the warmth from your

loving touches. To witness

such beauty on this glorious

morning, I beat the drum

of self – initiation into

love. I awaken now.


I awaken now,

I – who lives not to die

one day but dies to

myself each day so

I may live rightly the

next – rouse from my

slumber, wiping the

sleep from fluttering eyes

and glimpse beauty’s truest

form. The shape of Nature’s

perfection made manifest

in your soul’s cosmic form.

Singing along with life’s

heralds of honor to your

infinite greatness in

love. I awaken now.


I awaken now,

I – who has peered

through the depths of

eternity with the view

of love – have woke up

from years of slumber and

have come to find my ever

elusive answer in life; that in

a world of noise only truth

is silent and heard within

the heart only. With that

deep listening I found my

soul’s song echoed through

love’s name called to through

you and your soul’s singing

love. I awaken now.


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