Day 249 – Blessings Grow Forth

To Blessed Eternity


You, who give forth

a singular music through

love, are worthy of

this day to breathe

in the beauty that

you so freely give out

to others as you pass

them by. You sing

through your heart a

song only the heart can

hear; always singing:

You live, You live in

blessed eternity.


I, who long for

the a reaching hand

to hold my heart, dance

to the rhythms of this

sanctified world, breathing

in the fragrance that

Nature has faithfully

made, swooning deeply

from her passionate

throws eager to dance

and always singing:

I live, I live in

blessed eternity.


We, who are

engraved by the

light and molded by

time eternal, seek each

other out on different

routes, seemingly

undefined yet soft

to the touch; becoming

initiated by the heart

beat of love we enter

into life always singing

We live, We live in

blessed eternity.


They, who express life

better than any and all

words that may be

written, hold onto me

as I hold to them; finding

life’s truth through the

simplicity they live by.

They open their eyes

daily to see a new sun

shine brightly to celebrate

as they dance and sing:

They live, They live in

blessed eternity.


Life, the fountain

source of love’s cosmic

form, settles and stirs

up the emotional body

through chaotic

experiences to purify

the mind and heart of

those who live faithfully

within the chorus of

Nature’s sacred song

adding new verses always:

Life lives, Life lives in

blessed eternity.


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