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Day 248 – What Is This?

What Do You Think You Know


What is this that

we think we know?

– It pervades life

ever anon and

contains man in

the fields of love –

Could it be the

universe acting

through us as the

law governing life,

or is it the measuring

stick of experience

tallying up all days

lived rightly, as if there

is a way to live wrongly.

I find it is the love we

give to find our hearts

bloom ever anew.


What is this that

we think we know?

– It brings life from

chaos to order and

back to chaos in an

unending cycle of

renewal –  Could it

be a gentle taming

of man’s wild spirit

running from the

drudgery of society’s

searing humiliation

or is it the wildness

in made is made

manifest by by the

pallid taste that society

imbues upon the natural

world through control.


What is this that

we think we know?

– every person breathes

through a particular

scope in which love is

received and given –  Is

it you who knows the

totality of love and

all it’s manifestations;

to fill and be filled by

the same haughty

breath that sustains

this wondrous universe.

To let go of the binds

that would have you

understand and

just bask in the glories

of your sacred love.


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Day 247 – Time To Breathe

Just Be


What are you waiting for?

It is time to breathe, love

breathe with a set intention

to fill your ever-present

heart with love, covering

your body with the blanket

of emotions, insulating your

tender feelings with the warmth

of an external furnace, with

the platitudes of cosmic love.

So, take this moment and breathe

my love, just be and breathe.


What are you waiting for?

It is time to breathe, love

breathe into the stillness

of your chaotic heart, calming

those palpitations of a heightened

state of vibrancy, let loose those

sweet pangs that excited you

and your celestial heart, letting go

gently and with your inherent

grace that softens the hardest of hearts.

So, take this moment and breathe

my love, just be and breathe.


What are you waiting for?

It is time to breathe, love

breathe into the darkness

to ignite the light dwelling

in the darkest corner of your

eternal heart, shinning brightly

from the folds of the impenetrable

darkness that lies at the heart

of all creation, so take delight

in baring the light of love into the dark.

So, take this moment and breath

my love, just be and breathe.

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Day 246 – Inner Beauty

Outer Words With Inner Beauty


Beauty comes in many forms

without purpose or set cause,

divesting movement through

it’s finer grace, we – the viewers

of such ecstatic ease – are given

pause in this moment of eternity

magnified through this poignant

moment of inexpressible love

to see the inner visions of our

sanctified celestial bodies for

beauty comes in many forms.

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Day 245 – Life, Love, and Joy

Sing, Dance, And Breathe


It is for you that life,

singing its song full and

pure of the invitations

to honor  and respect

everyone’s responsibility

to invite creative love

into your life daily, and

in the moment to make

manifest the destiny that

awaits all that live in this

instant eternity, the breath

and scope of love’s grand design.


It is for you that love,

dancing through each

divine cell of your celestial

being, shares the infinite

gratitude lying hidden

deep within your daily

intentions to experience

life waiting for this, your

instant eternity held within

the bottle of your peripheral

time, breathing in the ebbing

waters that flow through joy.


It is for you that joy;

breathing in full and pure

tones, settles the murkiness

of regretful intentions by

allowing you to let yourself

be completely undone so that

you may come, by breathing,

to invite creative love back

into your living instant

eternity and to make manifest

the destiny that love has  breathed

into your ever beautiful life.

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Day 244 – I Awaken Now

I Heard Morning’s Call


I awaken now,

I – filled with the

haughty breath of

the universe – awaken

to witness to sublime

rising of the sun in your

heart. Seeing for the

very first time, the love

radiating from your sleep

ridden eyes as I feel

the warmth from your

loving touches. To witness

such beauty on this glorious

morning, I beat the drum

of self – initiation into

love. I awaken now.


I awaken now,

I – who lives not to die

one day but dies to

myself each day so

I may live rightly the

next – rouse from my

slumber, wiping the

sleep from fluttering eyes

and glimpse beauty’s truest

form. The shape of Nature’s

perfection made manifest

in your soul’s cosmic form.

Singing along with life’s

heralds of honor to your

infinite greatness in

love. I awaken now.


I awaken now,

I – who has peered

through the depths of

eternity with the view

of love – have woke up

from years of slumber and

have come to find my ever

elusive answer in life; that in

a world of noise only truth

is silent and heard within

the heart only. With that

deep listening I found my

soul’s song echoed through

love’s name called to through

you and your soul’s singing

love. I awaken now.

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Day 243 – As The Ocean Laughs

The Temporal Ire


On a night filled with temporal ire

and the rain was beating upon the panes

of my wind-swept soul, I found a

singular image impeding upon my mind,

an image of chaotic revelations. Looking

out at the drops, as they slid down

the window I saw myself transported to

a realm wholly unknown to myself. There

I was, standing before the great entrance

of my heart’s labyrinth. I, hearing frantic

sounds behind me shifting their intentions,

start to quicken my pace, not noticing the

path, nor its trajectory. I become lost within

the darkening territories of my heart. When,

out of no where you turn the corner, your soul’s

light shining forth from your wondrous heart.

Always shining forth from the impenetrable

folds of my darkness. You, with your practiced

step and gracious patience, take my hand

and we slowly, meticulously find our way

through the labyrinth; exiting upon a chilled

beach. As we watch the waves sedulously

wash up upon the shores of eternity,

lapping at the fringes of strange thoughts, and

I thought I heard the ocean laugh with love.


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Day 242 – Finding Union In You

Solace and Union


Alone at night, always alone,

I find my solace being swaddled by

incense smoke singing and

chanting in foreign languages.

Enjoying the pleasing clarity of mind;

when my vision starts to dim and

my mind starts to pierce the veil of

life; enabling me to see through the

pains and tragedies of a life lived, to

see the penultimate truth  of this life.

That beauty abounds in love,  and then

I found you, the grace and beauty of my

own heart. I found your image smiling from

within my very being, stepping out  of myself

so that I may step fully into  you as you step out

of yourself to fulling step into me, we join

in a sacred union of divine light to live in the

dawning of a  day new and bright.


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