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Day 276 – Take This Person

Breathe Into Your Sacred Space


Take this heart, love;

– this beautifully

vulnerable heart –

and do what you will.

It was given with

love’s truest intentions,

to always light your

way home in the darkest

night. Take this heart,

love; and breathe into

your sacred space.


Take this soul, love;

– this tattered and

worn out soul –

and do as you see fit.

It has found many answers

to the imposing questions

that have been long sought

out in you. Take this soul,

love; and breathe into

your sacred love.


Take this union, love;

– this meager collection

of joy and misery –

and do what you want.

It has learned much to

teach very little and

in the face of action

stood frozen in thought.

Seeking out happier days

through longer and happier

nights. Take this union,

love; and breathe into

your sacred space.




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Day 275 – Breathe Into Me

Breathe Out Your Name


You are a light –

the light – lingering

in my soul bringing

the sacred breath

of courage to discover

what lies hidden in

the dark recesses of

this heart. You, who

I dearly wish to know,

are my solace in my

time of introspection.

Breathe into me, as I

breathe out your name.


You are a smile –

the smile – lingering

in my mind imbuing

life with ecstatic joy

in moments of doubt,

when I traverse down

the emotional river’s

pain. You, who constantly

uplift me by your presence,

are my inspiration to

create a life of love.

Breathe into me, as I

breathe out your essence.


You are a truth –

the truth – lingering

throughout life with

constancy and measured

step when all else is

rushed with impatience,

and I heed your lesson

to find my peace and joy

in your presence. You, who

perpetually teaches me

long sought lessons in

this life have shown me

the worthiness of love.

Breathe into me, as I

breathe out your name.


You are a whisper –

the whisper – lingering

with the gentle breeze

always going where you

are meant to go, and now

have drifted into my life

with subtle ease and joyous

love bringing with you

a sort of contentment and

peace into my life. You, who

have given me an encouraging

push towards creation, have

taught me that all life,

including the one I live, is

always worthy of love.

Breathe into me, as I

breathe out your essence.

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Day 274 – Waking Up

The Six Powers


Waking up today

I see life’s wonder

dancing in your eyes

radiating beauty out

into this world of

ours ever expanding.


Waking up today

I see the six powers

of your heart manifesting

love into this world of

incalculable wonder, I

ever ready to learn the

lessons you have to teach,

am  waiting to give you

– if you would ever reach –

the space in my open heart.


Waking up today

I see your magnetic

personality imbuing

this world with your

calming grace and

positivity through

allowing your heart to

shine and your love to

flow from your soul out

over this world pained

with grief, despair, pain,

and self induced criticisms.

Always you move through

time and space dancing

through the emotions of

out love, with an act of

permission you become

a being of light -beautiful to

behold, greater to feel.


Waking up today

I see life’s wonder

dancing in your eyes

ever radiating beauty

into this impassive

world of ours always

expanding through love.

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Day 273 – Listen To Sing

In Listening I Speak


Listening to those waking

whispers I sit in stillness

allowing Nature’s wisdom

to be my  voice. Those waking

whispers of the rising sun echo

the sentiments of my loving

heart, as the bird’s sweet

song becomes my sacred truth.

So I remain in my silence as

all that I wish to tell you is

told to you through Nature’s

honored rites of morning’s

mist-filled beauty.


Singing with those latent

harmonies the words of

my soul, I breathe through

this morning’s song. Nature’s

high harmonies, replete with

the sun’s splendor, colors your

glory with delicious music, ever

echoing the presiding affections

of my heart. So, here I sing of

the convergence of our infinities

always embracing love and Nature

has adorned my song with her

honored rites of morning’s

mist-filled beauty.


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Day 272 – Honoring Your Dance

I Take This Breath


I take this breath

– always with you –

with the winged

energy of delight

to find the space

where I and all life

come to honor your dance.


I take this breath

– always for you –

with the practiced

strength of radiance

to create the moment

where love’s touch

will color this life.


I take this breath

– always with you –

with the singular

music of blessings

to set the place

where our loving actions

can merge with this life.


I take this breath

– always for you –

with the winged

energy of delight

to find the moment

where life’s dance

will continually unfold.

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Day 271 – With The Sun

Daily Practice


With the rising sun

I bow, bowing low

in every direction

– always towards you –

I bow in praise of the

goddess clothed in

your wondrous beauty.

Being lifted by your grace,

I bow in praise of your

celestial beauty all around me

– always facing you –

in every direction

I bow, bowing low

with the rising sun.

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Day 270 – Love’s Sacred Breath

With Eyes and And A Heart


With those royal eyes of

intelligence can you confirm

love’s descent towards man?

Confessing your pained

thoughts of illusion to Nature’s

purest beauty. Breathe deep

into that scent and allow the

fragrance speak directly to

your heart, always repeating

love’s sentiment that  Life is

held- in it’s truest form – in

the moment of singularity

constantly suspended between

the eternal and the internal

perpetually occurring. So take

those royal eyes of divine

intelligence and glance through

the veil that separates you

from life – glance through to

see love radiating back at you.


With the heart of

compassionate wisdom

will you aid in the health

of love? Gracing this life

with your wondrous fragrance

as you softly speak to Nature’s

own beauty – emanating from

beauty itself – You secure your

breath through freshness, walking

softly upon the grasses. Your

beauty is a continuously flowering

virtue that imbues love into the

ailing world. The love you live

becomes a fierce grace within

a hesitant heart. Breathe through

that love with the heart of

compassionate wisdom.


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