Day 258 – A Love So Crowned

To Bare The World’s Love


You came with the

broken barriers of

a lifetime of pain;

lifting up others

along your journey.

With mysterious

advice emanating

from the hidden depths

of your undiscovered

soul, you bring joy

to the song of love. So

you came here, standing

under the roof of your

immaculate soul, looking

at your own celestial beauty.


You come with a heart

filled with an inch of

hope nourishing a radiant

heart as a new breath instills

ease into a soul of immense

peace. With an internal joy

vibrating through the elastic

dreams of being fully alive

to this robust moment, you

know that this moment will

inevitably unfold into a new,

and perhaps more radiant,

moment where life will be

lived with full emotions.

So you come here, standing

under the roof of your

immaculate soul looking

within to see a kaleidoscope

of vibrant beauty.


You go with an empty

cup waiting for the world

to fill it with what it must

have need of, knowing that

what pains and sufferings

might be placed within your

cup will be placed there, but

the choice is always yours as

to whether you drink from

the cup, and bring those

traumas, pains, and sorrows

into your being, or to release the

contents of the cup back to the

world – to nurture new life.

With the will of the universe

you have been given breath

this moment to live, to experience

everything and then to love

with a fully embodied heart.

So you go out to seek

the roof of your immaculate

soul, glimpsing the total

eclipse of your heart as

you bare the world’s love.


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