Day 259 – This Moment

Of This Love


Love knows no lines

that cannot be crossed,

knows no limits that

cannot be challenged;

and those ardent followers

continually give up what

they know for what they

eternally feel – forever

proclaiming before this

wide and wild world that

life is worthy of this love.


Love knows all ecstasy

that breathes in this moment,

knows this joy that lives

in this world; and those

impassioned patriots

continually seek for similar

hearts that reflect back

their radiant love – forever

singing before the Universe

and all it’s manifestations

that life is worthy of this love.


Love knows the sacred

truths, inciting beauty

within a wounded heart,

Love knows that life

is lived fully within the

heart and never the head;

and those companions which

seek out the lovers of this

wondrous world embark upon

their journeys will full measures

of joy and hope saw me kneeling

down, the life worn out  of my heart,

gave me a hand to lift my soul –

forever saying to me, and to life,

that this moment – all moments –

are worthy of this love.



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