Day 260 – After Time, Life, And Reasons

Time, Life, And Reasons


After time came to produce

new circumstances, the spirit

of the day, your sacred spirit

came with new eyes open to

the purified world. So Love,

come and play the music your

soul wants to hear, let the

music flow direct from your

heart to the world’s ascended

arena. For your truth imbues

everyone’s world with a graced

love. Oh Love, join in the chorus

that initiates love in this expanding heart.


After life came to unfold new

shadows in the world of light,

the flame of the world, your

passionate flame, came to

ignite love within this ever-

wandering world, curiously

spinning day in and day out,

let the light flow direct from

your heart to the path of the

world’s ascension. For your

flame imbues life with a  beautiful

love. Oh Love, come and ignite

this heart with your love.



After reasons shifted from

pliable meanings to a veiled

excuse masked with intent,

an arrow came shooting

through the mists of

ambiguity, you being that

sacred arrow of love’s pursuit.

Oh Love, coming from the

eye of the universal archer

strikes the eye of my heart,

wounding not the target but

severing the binds of the

past and the hopes of the future

from the love of this moment.

Oh Love, come and set free

this heart with your loving presence.


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