Day 261 – Come To Be True

Heart Of The Green Earth


Come and tread the ceaseless

ocean of celestial vibrations,

feeling all around you the

entire universe touching

your infinite beauty and

with the eyes of the blue

wind you shall look out to

see your vast magnitude

reflected back onto you

through your own eyes that

shade the bluest wind from

the drying stars of radiant light.


Come and sing the eternal

song of the mighty majestic,

striking deep within the seems

of the lasting soul, always feeling

the enlightening magnitude of

your sacred appointment in this

dynamic universe as you take

delight in the surrounding

darkness, for that is where the

heart of the green earth lies forever

singing love’s song – through creation –

with the last long stars held in space.


Come to sound the clarion bells

held aloft of your windswept soul

singing in ever pure tones the muted

words you long to hear with your

heart, La elaha ill’ Allah, taking the

fragrance of those words into the

cleansing breath of the purple

lavender forever taking that

sacred breath into your native

moments forever roaming the

world seeking vulnerable hearts

and expressive acts of flowing love.




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