Day 262 – Disolving Dualities

Seek Not But To Find


I’ve gone searching

for many things in this

unfathomably short life,

and have yet to find what

I was looking for, though

many are the things I have

found, and much more have

I learned – for to seek is to

delve deep into the unknown

areas  of our own heart –

Seeking not for items, nor for

answers to unrelenting questions,

I began to search for the breath

between breathing, seeking

out the space between these

letters where only the heart

can dance, and in searching –

yet never finding – I became

blind to the curious answers

in front of my eyes – my

meager mind was not yet open

to their acknowledgement.

And then it happened, I found

that space where all dualities

fade and time ceases it’s

continual dance when I saw

my heart’s reflection within

your golden brown eyes.

Fierce and gentle, energetic

yet calming, your presence

fills me, and the wide world

with an awe-inspiring love.


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