Day 268 – I Felt Eternity Pass

Breathe In This Moment


I found magnificence,

eternity’s moment, in

your earth-toned eyes.

Breathe in the laughing

universe with each glance

of your smile. Allow that

breath to flow through

your life, bringing new

opportunities to add your

shade to the color of love.


I heard wonderment,

fate’s holy desire, in

your beautiful smile.

Dancing with circumstance

in this moment shared

with your presence. Allow

that beauty to flow through

your heart, bringing new

grandeur to your shade

to color the world with love.


I felt infinity, time’s

reaching arm, pass through

a memory freshly present

within your sacred laughter.

Breathing in your sacredness

as you fly through this

moment’s eternity, I come

to dance into your life. Allow

your movements to color

this world with grace and love.


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