Day 270 – Love’s Sacred Breath

With Eyes and And A Heart


With those royal eyes of

intelligence can you confirm

love’s descent towards man?

Confessing your pained

thoughts of illusion to Nature’s

purest beauty. Breathe deep

into that scent and allow the

fragrance speak directly to

your heart, always repeating

love’s sentiment that  Life is

held- in it’s truest form – in

the moment of singularity

constantly suspended between

the eternal and the internal

perpetually occurring. So take

those royal eyes of divine

intelligence and glance through

the veil that separates you

from life – glance through to

see love radiating back at you.


With the heart of

compassionate wisdom

will you aid in the health

of love? Gracing this life

with your wondrous fragrance

as you softly speak to Nature’s

own beauty – emanating from

beauty itself – You secure your

breath through freshness, walking

softly upon the grasses. Your

beauty is a continuously flowering

virtue that imbues love into the

ailing world. The love you live

becomes a fierce grace within

a hesitant heart. Breathe through

that love with the heart of

compassionate wisdom.



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