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Day 290 – I Go Learning, Searching, And Breathing

To Close Your Eyes


Closing my eyes

I go searching

through the


of my heart,

searching for

the breath

lingering  between

the constant

beating of this

sacred heart

forever loving

you; seeking out

eternity where

our souls merge

into one beautiful



Closing my eyes

I finally learn to

see a veiled truth.

I was whole, yet

still incomplete

for a door to a

forgotten room

was lost and locked

– then you came with

your hidden key –

Teaching  me the full

lesson that I was

always worthy and

made who, just shut

out of events until you,

my greatest teacher,

opened the door to my

heart and stepped right in.


Closing my eyes

I breathe deep,

deeply breathing in

the fragrance of this

love, this love welling

up inside my soul. So

breathe deep, love, and

inhale the great draughts

of this universal love, take

from me this unending

wellspring of love, receive

it with your heart and soul

opened wide; let this love take

you to that higher space where

our souls will unite. Breathe

in this love and become

one with life, breathe in this

life and become one with

love eternal, where lover and

beloved a joined in the breath.


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Day 289 – Sacred Goddess Of Wisdom

To Live In The Heart


To you, you with the

heart of the green

Earth; love follows

swiftly towards

the blessings of

your sacred presence.

It is unto you whom

the world sings all

it’s glory, that my

sacredness always flows,

seeking expression

through your  graced

visions of  our infinite

and eternal love, which

nourishes all life.


To you, you with the

presence of the lofty

mountain; beauty stalks

quietly about your nimble

steps, always heading

inward towards your

effervescent soul. It is

unto you whom the world

praises sacred wisdom, that

my gratitude flows, seeking

always to honor your sacred

presence in my fleeting life

built from the ashes where

the temple of our union is

yet to be erected – that holy

ground of imminent love.


To you, you with the

soul of infinite skies,

wisdom falls behind

as you traverse the

greater inner world

of the heart’s design,

always seeking a path

to the hearts of those

whom you have loved.

It is unto you whom the

world prostrates down

before, for the greatness

dwelling in you shall carry

forth the blessings of

sacredness. With one word,

you inspire me, the present

personification of all man,

to tear down the inner

dams I have built up in the

name of  protection to allow

the River Love to flow. So, I let

it flow continually onward,

finally coming to bask in the

sacred presence of you, the

sacred Goddess of wisdom

living within my heart.


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Day 288 – Let Us Be Clear

Before We Travel


Before we travel

down this road of

love, let us be clear:

You are divine as I

am sacred. You are

the answer to my

calling, as I am the

reply to your statement.

Our lives are so

entwined that

a cosmic conversation

is taking place

through our acts.


Before we travel

down this road of

passion, let us take

this breath: You are

sacred as I am divine.

You are the sacred

geometry to my

abstract math. We

two together pair as

one entity so close,

yet far apart. Our souls

are so connected that

one cannot see where

you begin and I stop

– when I am blessed to

share in your sacred space.


Before we travel

down this road of

love, let us be clear:

You are God’s sacred

blessing to this world,

as I am the Goddess’s

gift to this sacred

world of life. Our lives

are so entwined that

you feel my heart as

I know your mind. Before

we  travel down this

road, let this be said:

I love you completely

for you express me more

than my poetic words.

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Day 287 – Take Me In

Eternities Of Love


Take me in

your arms and

let me be close

to breathe in

your sacredness

and the wonder

of your essence.

Take me in your

arms and allow me

to find my truth

in your presence.

Take me in.


Take me in

your heart and

show me your


through your

generous acts

and loving space.

Take me in your

heart and breath

love into my

ragged and nearly

starved soul in need.

Take me in.


Take me in

your soul and

guide my presence

towards something

higher, more grand

than these eyes can

bare to witness.

Take me in your

soul and allow

my heart to love

and my spirit to fly

the eternities of

a unified love.

Take me in.

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Day 286 – Why Wait Any Longer?

And Be Love


What are you waiting

for love, why do you

post-pone what you

feel in your heart

needs to be done? Rise

up and start this dance,

dance with the creative

cosmic dancer who spins

this universe into being.

Allow he who touches your

heart and soul to come near

and dance with the goddess

within you. Why wait any

longer, the path is laid – the

road is waiting, merge your

heart, with the creative heart,

conjoin your soul with the spirit

of this universe, entwine your

sacred energy with the energy

of the creative cosmic dancer.

Do all of this and become love.


Come and join us, for we the

beings of love are all here now,

come and join us to become one

of the  bearers of light that

illuminate the darkness and lead

the way of the path of the heart,

become a steward of lost soul judging

not their condition, for their condition

was once in your life, but rather

honoring them and their gifts allow

love and peace-giving breath to flow

towards life as you illuminate the

intricate powers lying dormant in

their heart. Breathe deeply and and

within your heart you will feel

the source of all existence start

stirring. Allow others to bask

within your presence of creative joy.

Do all of this and be love.

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Day 285 – The Truth of Love Eternal

The Wings Of Music


It came on the

wings of music

– not quite


for I figured it

would come

eventually in,

or out of, time –

not an event nor

an exact instance

in time, for love

always arrives

outside the scope

of time and this

pained world of

circumstance. It

subtly washed over

me, this feeling of

witnessing a truth

so far denied, so far

scattered, so far not

reaped in this life’s

heart. A truth that

would not be denied

any longer, begging to

be gathered up, pleading

to be harvested only to be

given out again; opened up

the eyes of my heart and

made my soul a witness as

time froze in her presence.

She, the goddess of my

heart,  was dancing in

the timeless bliss of

our heart’s union. As

time shifted from movement

to this new stillness, this

truth washed over me and

my over-active mind

reveling in the fear

that spreads through

the mind for  the power

of the heart. The truth

of I, and you, and

our love eternal.

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Day 284 – Elemental Love

Love’s Sacred Union


I came from Love

and to love I shall return.

Baring the sacred union

within my quivering soul, I

seek you out to give my

heart in Gratitude.


I came from Water

and to water I shall return.

Bringing constant change to

the landscape of your vulnerable

heart, always to give an outlet

for your soul to thrive.


I came from Earth

and to earth I shall return.

Forming the foundation

on which you will build a

nurturing love that fills this

world with wonder and peace.


I came from Fire

and to fire I shall return.

Inciting active movement

towards an embracing love

where the “I-s” and “You-s”

are burned in the sacred union of “We”


I came from Air

and to air I shall return.

Lifting the wings of

angels as I move always

upwards toward your lofty

soul and your brilliant love.


I came from Space

and to space I shall return.

Breathing out expansive peace

as I near your presence, only

to breathe in your soul’s

ever-expanding love-fragrance.


I came from Life

and to life I shall return.

Tempting fates with the

passing from love and

the coming to love through

love’s sacred procession, singing

the hymns yet to be written


I came from Love

and to love I shall return.

Joining in the sacred union

of our souls precious song;

performed with our heart’s

longing vibrations of contact.

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Day 283 – Wake Up To Love

Dancing In The Wind


To wake to fresh scents:

the rose blooms fragrance

dancing in the wind, colored

linen sheets born of Earth’s

scent, the soft and supple

skin of your beloved heart. To

wake to these and know love’s

lightness and joy is to be present

to your moment of sacred love.


To wake to fresh moments:

the scent of freshly made coffee

mixing with that of a breakfast

still be prepared, the first breath

of the day taken deeply into the

folds of your luminous heart, the

grace of love surrounding your

presence as you move throughout

this day. To wake and know these

events is to know love’s fulfillment

and still be present to your

moment of sacred love.


To wake to fresh scents:

the geraniums fragrance

rising with the winds, the

outdoors air infused with

lavender and sage, the scent

of freshly mowed grass. To wake

and have these scents dance

with you is to know love’s

gentle touch rousing you to

celebrate your beauty in this

already abundant world.

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Day 282 – Feel To Heal

Wake To Feel


You wake to feel

the wind on your

radiant face, always

kissing, always

caressing, always

loving. Arising from

the great depths of

love you breathe

from your heart to

feel the ease to heal.


You wake to feel

the sun on your

beautiful skin, always

warming, always

blessing, always loving.

Arising each morning

from the great canyon of

sky to illuminate the

love in your heart to

feel the peace to heal.


You wake to feel

the waters gliding over

your wondrous body, always

blessing, always nurturing,

always loving. Arising from

the descended nights into

more playful days you

swim in the great sea

of love to fill your heart

with love’s breath to

feel the presence to heal.

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Day 281 – Ecstatically Loving Joy

The Transformation


On a night such as ours

when what is shared with

each other is good and what is

seen becomes better than

what we have ever known;

a goddess came to be, glowing

before the shrine of our

sacred connection she bore

the world within her heart.

Walking slowly, steadily, and

with delicate purpose, carrying

my open heart in her sacred

hands providing vital health

for my remembered emotions.

Stopping before me to bow

low, she graced my presence

and within your being placed

my still healing heart within

your sacred being. Then I

felt it, the gift of first sight

– the great transformation –

seeing the goddess bearing

my heart standing before my

eyes filling my heart and soul

with ecstatically loving joy.


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