Day 277 – Within My Being

The Creatures Within


Within my being

there is another;

Within my heart

their lies a dragon

slumbering in peace

And you came along

singing your songs,

filling the space in

my heart with grace;

and unknowingly you

woke up the once peaceful

dragon. Stirring him to an

agitated state. For you love is tenacious –

bearing down with immense

power, bringing exhilaration

with anxious fear, and most

importantly your love, like

this dragon, brings forth a

curiosity of what is to come.

So  as it is within, when

the dragon of my heart

stirs and you are around

my heart knows the full

power of  scope of union’s love.


Within my being

there is another;

within my heart

their lies a merciless

sphinx pacified by time,

chained by circumstance.

You came along and found

her cave in my heart; taking

pity on her and her plight

you set loose her binds and

set her free not knowing

her ways. Once free she set

her fierce eyes upon you – the

goddess on light in my heart.

Demanding answers from your

sacred heart to appease my

wavering mind. So as it is

within, the sphinx of my

heart demands answers

to justify it’s own past.


Within my being

there is another,

within my heart

there is a troubled

phoenix hiding her

tears, stumbling upon

her rusted chains. And

you, the angel of mercy

wandering my heart’s

territory, have felt pity

for her and decided to set

her free. Loosening her binds

you loosen your own, and

set your soul free to fly, as

you give my soul the gift of

rebirth through the death

of my older self, the death

of my past and birth into now.

As it is within, my soul now

flies with yours through

the celestial playground

of love’s sacred union.


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