Day 280 – In The Moments

Three Messages


In the misting night

when the spirits came,

I was told:


it is a sacred choice

and for those who chose,

it turns into a blessing

bestowed onto others.

So I took a deep breath

and in my heart chose to

walk the path of love

– wherever that path leads.


In the breaking day

when morning’s glory

began to sing through color,

I was told:

The universe –

it is a slow continuation

of the cause of creation

spurred on by love’s

curious force of grace.

So I breathed in deeply

and in my heart chose to

breathe with sacred intentions

to share this life with generous

ease and lasting love.


In the lasting moment

when eternity breaths into

eternity, I was told:


you have one arduous task

in this life, to speak up

and share your love, more

than your truth, more than

your self, more than your thoughts.

So I ceased breathing and felt

the sacredness of my heart

beating through my entire

body and in that blessed

pulse made the choice to

live with this love with

each and every sacred breath.


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