Day 285 – The Truth of Love Eternal

The Wings Of Music


It came on the

wings of music

– not quite


for I figured it

would come

eventually in,

or out of, time –

not an event nor

an exact instance

in time, for love

always arrives

outside the scope

of time and this

pained world of

circumstance. It

subtly washed over

me, this feeling of

witnessing a truth

so far denied, so far

scattered, so far not

reaped in this life’s

heart. A truth that

would not be denied

any longer, begging to

be gathered up, pleading

to be harvested only to be

given out again; opened up

the eyes of my heart and

made my soul a witness as

time froze in her presence.

She, the goddess of my

heart,  was dancing in

the timeless bliss of

our heart’s union. As

time shifted from movement

to this new stillness, this

truth washed over me and

my over-active mind

reveling in the fear

that spreads through

the mind for  the power

of the heart. The truth

of I, and you, and

our love eternal.


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