Day 286 – Why Wait Any Longer?

And Be Love


What are you waiting

for love, why do you

post-pone what you

feel in your heart

needs to be done? Rise

up and start this dance,

dance with the creative

cosmic dancer who spins

this universe into being.

Allow he who touches your

heart and soul to come near

and dance with the goddess

within you. Why wait any

longer, the path is laid – the

road is waiting, merge your

heart, with the creative heart,

conjoin your soul with the spirit

of this universe, entwine your

sacred energy with the energy

of the creative cosmic dancer.

Do all of this and become love.


Come and join us, for we the

beings of love are all here now,

come and join us to become one

of the  bearers of light that

illuminate the darkness and lead

the way of the path of the heart,

become a steward of lost soul judging

not their condition, for their condition

was once in your life, but rather

honoring them and their gifts allow

love and peace-giving breath to flow

towards life as you illuminate the

intricate powers lying dormant in

their heart. Breathe deeply and and

within your heart you will feel

the source of all existence start

stirring. Allow others to bask

within your presence of creative joy.

Do all of this and be love.


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