Day 290 – I Go Learning, Searching, And Breathing

To Close Your Eyes


Closing my eyes

I go searching

through the


of my heart,

searching for

the breath

lingering  between

the constant

beating of this

sacred heart

forever loving

you; seeking out

eternity where

our souls merge

into one beautiful



Closing my eyes

I finally learn to

see a veiled truth.

I was whole, yet

still incomplete

for a door to a

forgotten room

was lost and locked

– then you came with

your hidden key –

Teaching  me the full

lesson that I was

always worthy and

made who, just shut

out of events until you,

my greatest teacher,

opened the door to my

heart and stepped right in.


Closing my eyes

I breathe deep,

deeply breathing in

the fragrance of this

love, this love welling

up inside my soul. So

breathe deep, love, and

inhale the great draughts

of this universal love, take

from me this unending

wellspring of love, receive

it with your heart and soul

opened wide; let this love take

you to that higher space where

our souls will unite. Breathe

in this love and become

one with life, breathe in this

life and become one with

love eternal, where lover and

beloved a joined in the breath.



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