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Day 301 – Be As You Are

The Heart’s Sacred Truth


Be as you are

love, express

your heart’s

sacred truth

through your

waning breath.

Be as you are

and live your

name rightly.

Be as you are.


Be as you are

dear, express

my joy’s

haunting beauty

through your

wondrous smile.

Be as you are

and live the name

you are called.

Be as you are.


Be as you are

love, express

the heart’s

divine intent

through your

nourishing soul.

Be as you are

and breathe life

into your cause.

Be as you are.


Be as you are

dear, express

the soul’s

sacred longing

through your

inspiring presence.

Be as you are

and incited love

into your life

Be as you are.

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Day 300 – The Burden

Time Spent Together


The burden

of your beauty

weighs heavily

upon my bloodied


furiously pumping

love into

each and every


spent with you.


The burden

of my truth

rightly uplifts

the magnificence of

your heart,

lightly breathing

love into

each and every


spent with me


The burden

of our ideal

graciously gives

life to shared


actively manifesting

love into

each and every


spent together.



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Day 299 – The Wishing Tree

Come To Sing



to the wishing tree

and sing in your



the hidden truths

lingering in

my love-struck




to the wish tree

and praise love’s

wanderers ever

seeking the lonelier

paths through the

heart’s breathing

vulnerability lying

in your glistening




to the wishing tree

and embrace your

sacred smile

ever bestowing

to this wondrous

world a magnitude

of beauty only

matched by the languid

love shining in your




to the wish tree

and sing your

heart’s one desire

ever left to echo

Nature’s sentiment

uniting wisdom and

beauty with the eternal

love living in your



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Day 298 – Breathe Through Silences

Half A Life Through Love


Time through times

of a life half lived

in memory and a

past forged by

future hauntings;

ghosts appear

where memories

linger and soon

fades into a greater

silence. As silence

breathes into a

more vast silence

the heart starts to

sing forth is holy

psalm – that song of

sacred love towards

a more sacred heart.

Seek out that space

where the heart can

sing and paint your

life with the colors

of your beautiful soul.

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Day 297 – Opening Up To Love

In Each Others’ Eyes


While looking

into your golden

hued eyes of wonder

I stood little to

gain as I became

lost in the translation

of love’s glances.

Here I stand, bound

by the heart’s silence

as our two souls

entwined into one

greater being of love.

Yes, in these united

times, our soul preached

to me in the quiet silence

that only the heart knows.

Opening up to love, I

became lost in the translation.


While looking

into my earth-toned

eyes of wisdom’s delight,

You stood little to give,

as you got lost in the

translation. There you

stand, bound in your

rhythmic dance always

invoking my soul to

move with your grace

as our hearts conjoined

into a greater being of love.

Yes, in these united

times, our heart preached

to you through the music

of our lives, that only the

heart can truly dance to.

Opening up to love, you

became lost in the translation.

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Day 296 – Breathe Into This

The Searing Day and Rain Swept Night


The rain swept night

crept past this life of

ethereal delights,

tempting our senses

with a misty forgetfulness.

The sun finally emerged

from the clouds of doubt

seeking always to shine

forth it’s light through

love, giving wisdom

where delusion once

reined, beauty where

lack was thought to be.

Light brings life space

where Man can become

as God, so that God could

become more like Man is.


The baked and searing day

of an impassioned heart

blazes forth through the

darkest night, bringing

a new day to dawn before

our lives. The might

of a thousand suns holds

not to the strength of

one heart resting in

vulnerability and trusting

in love. Breathe into this.

The light of the sun brings

room for a soul to expand;

bringing space so that Man

can know infinite love and in

that knowledge love could

fully expressed by Man.


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Day 295 – Upon The Wings

We Two Together Became


Upon the wings of

a butterfly Nature’s

song came to our

ears as we were

seen dancing in the

moonlight. Pulling

my soul close to your

heart and my heart

deeper into your soul,

we two lovers; together,

we two became one entity,

we two together became love.


Upon the graces of

angels life’s soul was

set apart to be purified

through love’s mystery.

Igniting my heart with

the sacred candle of your

love as my flame feeds the

fuel of your heart’s vibrant

fire, forever uniting us in

this moment, all moments

rolled into now, uniting us

in all actions formed through

this gripping kiss, we to

lovers of the sacred beloved

became one act – the lasting

kiss of eternity’s heart,

we two together became love.


Upon the lips of a

goddess, the sweetest

words were uttered unto

my soul. Filling me, my

heart and I, with the ardor

that life holds towards all

life. Tempting fated destiny

into honoring love by living

gratitude and breathing into

the love that binds the life

of two uniting souls together.

Taking two beloved souls into

one sacred heart where a unity

of love is formed through gentle

caresses and loving eye contact,

we two together became love.

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