Day 291 – You Are Beloved

North And South Poles


You are beloved

by Nature, the lover

of life bound to wander

in wonder at the

majesty of this world.

You become the North

Pole of my world for I

shall unceasingly exalt

your presence – bowing

down in reverence to your

cosmic beauty born of

your celestial love.


You are beloved by

Man, the lover of

mystical hearts bound

to walk the treacherous

path that love affords

to each heart and soul.

I shall be your South Pole

sustaining an eternal

balance of your heart to

my mind – breathing love

through my gaze into the

lesser cosmos of your

greater love born from the

laborious fires of your heart.


You are beloved by

Life, the lover of

orchestrated sentience

to roam the greatest

gifts of life to this

impassive Earth. We

shall be each others’

greatest cause to incite

passion into infinite life,

and through that passion

love shall warm this planet

as two lovers lay together –

inhaling the space that our

hearts united can create

through sustained presence

of our universal love.



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