Day 292 – Beyond Death

Lies Life, Lies Love


Beyond death lies

life, a life untouched

by the suffering of

a half-lived life. It

extends before you

as a all the choices

not yet understood,

extending further

into the mists of

possibilities. Yes,

beyond death lies

life, a life just our

of you peripheral

sights. So, close

your eyes and follow

the path of your

sacred heart. Honor

it with loving grace.


Beyond death lies

love, the realm where

the mind’s constraints

are lost to the fire. Let

die that which would

hold souls as possessions

and release all that

seeks to control or be

controlled; love is free

-ceaselessly flowing from

one heart out onto the

world. Yes, beyond death

lies love’s sacred realm

where I turn blind as you

become deaf – forever

finding our trust moving

to the sensitivities of our

hearts to live fully in love.



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