Day 296 – Breathe Into This

The Searing Day and Rain Swept Night


The rain swept night

crept past this life of

ethereal delights,

tempting our senses

with a misty forgetfulness.

The sun finally emerged

from the clouds of doubt

seeking always to shine

forth it’s light through

love, giving wisdom

where delusion once

reined, beauty where

lack was thought to be.

Light brings life space

where Man can become

as God, so that God could

become more like Man is.


The baked and searing day

of an impassioned heart

blazes forth through the

darkest night, bringing

a new day to dawn before

our lives. The might

of a thousand suns holds

not to the strength of

one heart resting in

vulnerability and trusting

in love. Breathe into this.

The light of the sun brings

room for a soul to expand;

bringing space so that Man

can know infinite love and in

that knowledge love could

fully expressed by Man.



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