Day 305 – Left Wandering

Coming Home


Left wandering

through the night

I found myself

completely surrounded

by the darkness of

my path, and would

have fear take hold

of my mind, stopping

all progress but you

called out to my

heart, not with your

voice but with your

heart’s song, and

my heart heard your

love, and on this

night, the night of my

revealed Destiny, I

came home to you,

I came home to love.


Left wandering in

the noises of the world,

those incessant sounds

that haven’t the time

to breathe, much less

expand in importance,

yet all striving towards

that place of greatest

importance in our minds.

As I breathed deeply, I

found myself with an

unusual craving, a desire

for your silence which

only love can supply,

a moment of heart to

heart, and eye to eye

silence where I could

come home to you,

where I could come

home to love.


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