Day 307 -Like Life, Like Love

The Unanswered Question


Life like love

seeks to honor

the other with

a sincerity through

an honesty born

of gratitude.

Love like life

advances through

the passage of


changes that

transmute the

heart of love and

the soul of life; and

it takes the wisest

mind to see the

greater balance needed

to flow through this

life and this love with

an ease of sumptuous



Love like life

speaks to the

hard lessons of

the heart advocating

for a complete

surrender to the

person of your

affections, a

constant surrendering

of your ambitions,

your thoughts, a

surrendering of

your totality, a

never ending

surrendering, and

through that action

of complete surrendering

your soul gains the

world made whole, the

universe made complete,

the you made new through

a love made connected

to a something greater,

something more grand

something more than

one, it transforms

two into one, and

answers the begging

question your heart

has been asking

since your sacred birth.



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