Day 308 – Love’s Changing Paradigm

In Blest Eternity


They, those ancestors

dancing before my

very eyes to

bring alive the

august nature of

the lover’s heart.

They, balancing love

and faith in the

infinite heart, come

to be forever alive.

They live, they live

in blest Eternity.


We, wanderers

ever seeking the

lonelier paths, have

found our homes

in the other’s

heart, forever

to abide in an

infinite love.

We, the lovers

of the sacred

night are but

two stitches in

time woven through


We live, we live

in blest Eternity.


You, who answers

the encumbering

inquiries of my

exuding heart, chain

together the breath

of our lives that

comes to bind love

within our hearts.

You, tempting fate’s

desire with the

dancing faith of

love’s grand design.

You live, you live

in blest Eternity.


I, confessing

myself enraptured

by the beloved

of my heart stand

to testify that

everything and

everyone is a beloved

unto life itself.

I come to stand

rightly, to live and

not to die one day,

but to die each

day in order to live

rightly the next

always within love.

I live, I live

in blest Eternity.


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