Day 309 – In This World

A Greatest Way


In this world

where life spurs

onward a greater

life through

experience and

growth; where the

people of the way

of the heart hope

to dance in the

continual renewal

of love’s holy rites,

life reveals a sacred

truth; that we are all

born strangers and

through life’s grand

procession love binds

our hearts together

through love’s

greatest unity.


In this world

born of the flowing

godheads of myriad

faiths, love holds

true to the strings

of the heart’s lyre,

for there is a world

outside of us where

music reigns supreme

and we, the chosen

people of an accelerated

love bare forth the

task of the ecstatic

makers, to come and

dance before the honored

music of the greatest

unity’s heart where

our souls have always

been joined by love.


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