Day 315 – In All Times

The Reason


In separate times

my soul whispered

to me the wisdom

of silence, that noble

truth where laughter

rings out in quietness.

In those times I

was deaf to the

pleas of my ever

quaking heart.


In conjoined times

my heart sang to

you the eternal joy

that love brings, that

incense of peace where

a wandering glance brings

an unending happiness and

a touch of lightness to

my singing soul.


In times of separation

my soul mourns the

passage of time that

takes me from your

sacredness – ever eager

am I to learn the

hidden secrets of your

perfected wisdom that

only the heart knows

and is only taught by

intentional love.


In times of union

my heart worships at

the shrine of our love

sending all of life into

a swoon where our

truth is finally revealed

for each other to see,

that you are the reason

why I am, that you are

the reason I love.



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